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“We don’t just sell solutions, we provide long-term value.”

6 June 2024Inside stories

Schicker Solutions is an independent consultancy and parts supplier to New Zealand’s sanitary food-processing industry. Founder Tony Schicker has many years of experience within the dairy and food industries, in a variety of roles which makes his skill set unique in New Zealand. He previously worked in technical, production, and process design, senior management and other arenas across the national dairy industry.

Understanding life-cycle cost
Among other things, Tony introduced evidence-based Service Programmes to improve plant processing reliability. Which is one of the reasons he is a dedicated DMN-WESTINGHOUSE partner and distributor. Tony: “Understanding the life-cycle cost of rotary valves and diverter valves is crucial; it provides detailed cost projections for maintenance, replacing assets and operation. This understanding sets DMN-WESTINGHOUSE miles apart from the competition.”

Unbeatable service, total commitment
In Tony’s view, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE doesn't just sell solutions. It’s the unbeatable service and long-term value that ultimately make the difference. “When you invest, as a dairy producer or system integrator, you're not just buying a product,” he says. “You're gaining a dedicated support team committed to ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the rotary valves and diverter valves.”

Dedicated dairy partner
Looking at the quality and innovation DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offers, Tony says they are totally in tune with the rapidly evolving dairy industry. He mentions the MZC- series. “These rotary valves represent a significant advancement, giving DMN-WESTINGHOUSE the edge over competitors. The MZC-valves are the choice of major players in the global dairy industry, which proves that our commitment to excellence really pays off."


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